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Unwind did a soft opening in September of 2022, with three employees, five main brands and so much opportunity to grow. Unwind carries a wide range of hemp derived Delta 9 THC,

and CBD products. Since opening we have made incredible connections within our community and with every customer who walks through our doors. Our store isn't just a place to stop, buy a product, and leave but a place where you can come and hang out for awhile. We encourage you to open up and stay for a while because we enjoy it just as much as you might. Our employees  are always striking a conversation even if it means you stay a little longer than expected. For us, it has never been just about the product but the relationship we can gain with our community. We are constantly learning and teaching others about hemp products and what they can do for us. We hope to be a place that adds so much more to the town of Moorhead and surrounding areas. 

"Unwind is not just a store for me, it is a home away from home. Every customer I get to talk to becomes family to me and I love the impact these products have on the community."

Employee Victoria 

"This place is fantastic. I want to try them all but I always get the same thing because it never lets me down! Prices are reasonable and the best in the FM area in my opinion. Compared to other shops that sell D8/9 products this is by far superior. Staff if always very friendly and welcoming. I hope they continue to grow!"


"Love this place and the owner!!! They were amazing and knew so much about the product. The prices where great and this will be my main store from now on!!!!"


"Very quality and affordable products all around the store! Very kind manager, and great staff! 10/10 if you need THC/CBD this is your one stop shop."

Tyler D

 "In addition to a selection of chocolates and gummies – each with up to the legal maximum of 5 mg of THC – Unwind stocks a broad selection of beverages with colorful names like Cycling Frog, the product where this all began, along with Cann Social Tonic, High Spirits, Hi Tide, Jacked and Odyssey. Their flavors sound exotic: blackberry lavender, ginger peach, violet cherry. Most are carbonated. They’re sold by the single can or in four- or six-packs." - The FM Extra


Unwind only does in store shopping but here's a couple things you should know about coming into our store. 



When you enter through our doors, you will be greeted by an employee who is ready to help you. Every single one of our employees is trained and knowledgable about these products. Do not be afraid to ask any questions because no question is a stupid question.

in store shopping for thc products

In store shopping

All of our product are available in display cases in store. You will have to go through a worker to make any purchase. There is not a limit to how much you can buy but once you leave the store, returns are not accepted. 

all forms of payment accepted


A customer does not need a medical card to purchase these products but must provide proof they are 21 and older. We accept all payments using our square P.O.S system and also have a loyalty program available to our customers. All you have to do is enter your number in our system when going through a transaction and you will get points towards money off. 

“They’re not sure what kind of products we’re selling. We are totally compliant with the state and all regulations. We are safe and we are not here to harm anybody. We want to educate and give you a product that’s going to work for you.” 
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